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Student of the Month

The Fargo Student of the Month award is decided upon according to the following:  Students are nominated by their teachers.  Teachers evaluate them based on 8 seperate items.  Once the names are accumulated the Student Council votes based on those names. Students achieveing Student of the Month are allowed to go to lunch on the first bell all month, they recieve one homework pass from each of their teachers that must be used during their month, they recieve a basket of goodies from the Student Council, they are featured in the newsletter and their picture and name are placed in the hallway at the school.

The criteria to be chosen includes:

  • setting a good example, not downing our school, teachers, or fellow students
  • no consistent grades below a C
  • listening to the instructor
  • having a good attitude and showing respect
  • raising their hand to ask a question or give a constructive comment
  • gives their best classroom effort 
  • is focused on what is being taught in class
  • willing to participate in not only class work, but activities and projects